more thoughts about foster-care

            Life is pain, highness, anyone who says differently is selling something. Sound familiar? The Princess Bride was the movie of my early life. But some of the best quotes from the movie are the ones that ring most true. Life is pain. Not everything in life is nice, and often, the things with the most return are the hardest and most painful. 

             Being the biological daughter of foster parents, on top of being an only child, on top of being picked on for being a weirdo homeschooler. It sometimes makes me feel like an outsider. But the payout? An understanding that real life doesn’t always mean neat and tidy. A good relationship with my foster siblings is worth the craziness to me. I know that even if my bonus siblings forget about me, I won’t forget about them. I know that these kids have exposure to God, exposure they might have missed otherwise. It makes all the pain worth it. Not always easier, but worth it. 

                My thought is just that, this is not easy, I don’t find it fun to build deep relationships, call people my siblings, then send them hours away from me back to their family, their real family. It hurts, a lot. But at the same time, to hopefully be able to help these kids, their parents, and even their extended family, feels good.

                I just don’t understand people who say that they could never do this, because it would be too hard to send the kids back. We weren’t made mutants. It’s not easier for us, no less painful. But we know that it’s right, the way we want foster placements to turn out, reunified, back with the people who have done the work to right the wrongs they’ve put their kids through, and are ready to be the good parents that their children need them to be.

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Until next time, Bye! (Waves from behind screen!)

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