tarte mascara : makeup showdown

In this post I want to explore the realm of mascara. Though I rarely wear mascara these days (I’ve been blessed with naturally long, dark, curly eyelashes.) I have had the opportunity to try a fair few Tarte mascara options, and here is what I think. Today I’m going to be talking about the pros and cons of four mascaras, and sharing my thoughts on each formula. (With pictures at the end of the post to show direct comparisons.)

      First, let’s talk about Maneater. This mascara from Tarte has been a long term love of mine. This mascara comes with 9ml of product, or .3 fl. oz. This particular mascara comes in a metallic gold tube with purple cheetah print, which means it really stands out packaging wise against the rest. The Maneater wand is cylindrical, with short silicone bristles. The Mascara has an absolutely stunning effect on the lashes, especially nice in video or photography. It makes the lashes look long, without being clumpy, and is quite easy to layer on itself. A con of this mascara would be the slight flaking that begins after several hours of wear, however I have not found it to be smudge prone, and the flaking is generally minimal.

       Next let’s move into Gifted, another Tarte Mascara which is advertised as a “smart mascara”. This Mascara is truly incredible, staying put on my lashes for basically forever, with no flaking, or smudging on my lashes, even after crying. The Gifted mascara comes with 7ml or .24 fl. oz., .06 fl. oz. less than Maneater, for the same price. This do everything formula is packaged in a sturdy bamboo tube, and the wand is a medium length natural bristle brush. The effect of this mascara is shockingly jet black and slightly more natural than it’s Maneater counterpart upon first application, creating a less intense effect than other mascaras that I have used from the first coat. The second coat however delivers more shock, and a lot more drama to the lashes. The first coat delivers a the affect of a soft enhanced natural version of your lash, but if you layer it up, this formula can give you quite the bang for your buck.

        Third, let’s talk about the all time Tarte classic. The Light’s Camera Lashes Mascara, the 4 in 1 holy grail for many mascara wearers. This purple tube is not just about aesthetics though, this formula performs on your lashes. I believe the full size of this mascara comes with 9ml or .3 fl. oz. of product. It has a cone shaped wand with natural bristles. Lights, Camera, Lashes delivers drama from the first swipe over your lashes, but if you crave more it layers over itself quite well to provide even more drama. It is nice and black, but more of a cool toned black then that of the Gifted mascara, more like the color of Maneater. This formula also lasts smudge and flake free on my lashes, which is a definite plus in my book.

          Last, lets talk about the new kid on the block of my Mascara collection. The Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara. This Tarte Mascara has been out for years, but definitely flies under the radar. I picked it up during a sale on their website at the beginning of June, and saved it until now. The flashy gold packaging gives this mascara the look of being a limited edition sister of the Lights, Camera, Lashes original. But don’t let the name fool you, there are some key differences between the two mascaras. Lights, Camera, Flashes, has a larger, slightly curved wand, with medium length silicone bristles. (Usually my preference.) It coats each individual lash well, and gives a less clumpy effect to the lashes, and I think makes them look longer, not as voluminous. This formula also layers well over itself, and is not difficult to remove. (None of these mascaras are, I use the Garnier Micellar Water to remove my mascara.)

           Let’s recap, shall we? Tarte honestly has some truly great mascaras. These are all of them that I have tried so far, however I have had good enough luck that I would like to try their other formulas in the future. Overall, I think that whatever formula you choose by whatever brand you buy from should always be about your desired effect. I love the effect of the Lights, Camera, Flashes, and Gifted the most right now, they have the most versatility in my opinion, easy to leave more natural of to build very dramatic, I also find them non-flaking, and non-smudging. All things I really enjoy, and look for in a mascara. If you want to try a Tarte mascara I would recommend their minis, at almost exactly half the price, they contain half the product, and are a much more manageable size. As someone who formerly wore the same mascara every day one of their minis lasted me almost exactly three months, which is the point you should probably start thinking about getting a new mascara.

               This is a color comparison to try and show the undertone differences of the mascaras, I’m not sure if really shows up on the picture, but it was a fairly stark contrast in person. 

              I put one mascara on each eye for these pictures to help get a side by side visual of the different effects, and to help establish the pros and cons of each formula while I was comparing them.

              I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thank you for your support of this blog, and if you like what you see feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section, and follow my blog to see more content from me. I also have an Instagram now, you can find me @not_molly_19.

So until next time, Bye! (Waves from behind screen!)

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