concerning caseworkers

The past couple of weeks I’ve been digging deeper into the world of DHS/CPS, caseworkers, placements, and adoptions, and the true horrors that the foster system marks for a cost of living project that I’m doing this semester for school, because I want to be a social worker after college. It has brought to my attention once again the blind eye that this world turns to the kids in the foster system. It has made me sad. The jobs of caseworkers are horrific, and yet they remain underpaid, and under recognized. The things they have to see and deal with as their job are horrific. 

Yes, I still believe that there are bad caseworkers, but I realize more deeply the numbness that comes with the months and years of daily being exposed to the suffering of children, and the forced separation of families. It makes me appreciate more the love and dedication of the social workers we’ve had during the past year. I just wanted to recognize the caseworkers I’ve had the privilege of meeting in my state, and briefly talk about social workers who work in the foster system and what they do. And I would like to recommend you share some encouragement with them to show you appreciate what they do. 

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3 thoughts on “concerning caseworkers

  1. Eeeekkkk I’m doing cost of living rn too! So what’s your job going to be? My job/jobs I picked are coffee barista and photographer 🙂 Cost of living is a fun project tho! Caseworkers and Foster homes do have a lot of issues but I’m sure there’s good ones out there. Enjoyed this post xx 💕

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    1. My main job would be caseworker, although I’ve also been thinking about counseling, or coffee barista as well. 🙂 I’ve been enjoying the project too! Some caseworkers have more issues than others, but in a lot of cases I think that has a lot to do with the job they do. I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🥰🥰

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