May 2019 favorites

Hey guys!

What’s new with you? 

    This week has been pretty crazy, my mom was gone for a couple days, which gave me an excuse to stay with one of my best friend’s. And let me tell you, it was crazy being there with all her younger siblings. But I had a lot of fun! Anyway, without further ado, in this post I wanted to round off the month a little early with some of my favorite products, and moments, from May. 


Lay’s Salt and Pepper Kettle Cooked Chips.

     These are on top of my list firstly because the are the only non makeup item on my list of products, but also because they are what I was eating while working on this post. These are my favorite kind of chip, and therefore get the honor of the top of this list. 

Milani Keep it Full Lip Plumper in Tropical Shine. 

     This lip gloss is just the best, shimmery and shiney with a slight cooling tingle. To me this thick creamy gloss smells slightly of coconut, not minty at all. And, this red-y orange gloss is perfect for this time of year. An all around win-win. 

Too Faced Chocolate Bar 

     This OG palette is rather new to my ranks. That being said, it has quickly become a favorite of mine. I thoroughly enjoy the mix of shades. Browns, and brown complimenting tones work well with my complexion. Plus the packaging is super cute, and the chocolate smell is delicious!

ColourPop Lost and Found

      I’ve really been loving this pastel, sort of baby blue single shadow from ColourPop. It’s such a complex color, a brilliant blue matte, but it is easy to use, and it looks really good on the eyes. It also doesn’t stain very badly. Overall this shade satisfies my cravings for color wonderfully. 

Stila Glitter and Glow in Sunset Cove

      This glitter I did not expect to love this much. Glitter is normally not my thing, or pink either to be honest. But something about this pink-gold duocrome from Stila is heart and eye catching. Whether an addition colorful, or neutral ones. Sunset Cove adds a gorgeous pinkity pop. The flexible flat applicator makes it easy to distribute product from the back of your hand, or straight to your eye. Plus, this color is honestly so beautiful!

As a bonus to my top favorites list for the month I’ve decided to add some of my favorite pictures, to complete the post. 

     It’s me, holding one of our kittens (this one is named Tabby) all snuggled into my hair. What a cute little dude he is!

     This month I went to lunch with my parents and had some delicious strawberry tea at a Mediterranean restaurant. Mmmmm, so good! 

     It’s me again, laughing at myself in my best friend’s sunglasses that she had handed me to look at something while we were walking somewhere. I am totally rocking her mom glasses!

    And finally, does this tomato not look like a heart? I snapped a picture after I was done eating because it seemed so funny to me. I love when random things end up looking like hearts.

     If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to comment, and follow my blog for more content from me. 

Until next time, Bye!

(Waves from behind screen!) 

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