reunification in foster care

Three girls who have been living with us were reunified with their dad this week, hopefully this is their once and for all. And once again I’m the only kid on this house. It’s hard to give up the very people who you feel make up your whole world. To give up my roommate. My sisters. Fostering is a unique situation. At once so fabulously exciting and gut wrenchingly heartbreaking.   

       Yes, I’m proud of my sisters’ parents. It’s so amazing that their parents love them and worked hard to get them back. But it can be easy to feel like their parents don’t deserve their kids. These kids, gifts of life that have been used and mistreated. I’ve seen the some of the tip of the iceberg effects of childhood abuse and neglect. It’s not pretty.

      The fabulously exciting part is that we have a hope. A trust in the God who fixes broken pieces. Who reunites families torn apart by sin. What more beautiful thing could there be than to watch a broken heart accept that there is a God who loves them and be changed because if it?

       Yes, my heart hurts. I don’t want my sisters to ever feel abandoned or hurt again. But thankfully I’m not the one in charge of protecting them. God takes the broken and makes it beautiful.

       God takes better care of them than I ever could. He always has their best in mind. And for that, I’m so so thankful. I don’t know what will happen to them next. But right now, I think I’m ready.

        Signed, your friendly neighborhood blogger.

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