spring inspired smokey eyes

Hey Guys!

What’s new with you?

       I’m not going to lie, it’s been really quiet at my house, I really miss the little people. I talked to them a little bit yesterday, and that was good… But I’m still sad. The quiet at my house has been good though. I’ve been working on my astronomy projects which I need to get finished this week. That’s honestly been a blessing I guess.

       Anyway, in this post I want to discuss a eyeshadow style I’ve been seeing around the internet a bit lately. The bold pop of  bright eyeshadow focused on the top lid. Allana Davidson has done a couple looks like this, her looks were really my inspiration for this post. I really loved how hers turned out, so I thought I would try some for myself. If you’re interested in seeing who her inspiration was, and how her looks turned out I would recommend watching her videos. The link below is for the orange look she did.

 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5943N8DRWto&t=214s )

        Let’s get into this, shall we.

     The first look I did was this green one. Honestly, I absolutely love this one. I used the Tarte Clay Pot in Margarita, and added some clear gloss on top to give it character. Possibly my fave. 

The next look I did was this purple shimmer. For this one I layered no shame, a matte purple from Smashbox with Jelly from Too Faced. It turned out bright and shimmery really liked the color combo here. 

         The last look I did for this post was this glittery pink/red look. For this one I used Fling from Smashbox with the Stila Glitter and Glow in the shade Sunset Cove. This one turned out smokey, intense and glittery. Very in your face. 

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Until next time, Bye! 

(Waves from behind screen!) 

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