a letter to bio parents

Hello Bio Parents. 

If you’re reading this I’m sure you’re curious about what I have to say to you. First I want to start off by saying that, as a bio kid in a foster family, I’ve met and interacted with a lot more of you then I otherwise would have, and I also have a different perspective of you then I did two years ago. And from the bottom of my heart, I want to say that I don’t hate you, in fact I actually love you. Because we’re both equally human. As much distaste as I might have for what you have done. As much as I might hold a grudge against you for a while. As much as I might be shocked, appalled, and saddened by the things you’ve done, and put your kids through. I might not love the person you’ve become, but I believe that everyone can change. At the moment your kids are put in foster care, I’m not proud of you. I hope that as far as your life is concerned this is the moment that everything changes for the better. That you find this moment to be the rock bottom that you needed in order to get your life turned around. I hope and pray that you take this opportunity to turn to God, but even if you don’t I pray that this is the last time, and you’ll never find yourself in this place again. I want to say that I’m proud of those of you who have stepped up, and have made a safe, loving, and healthy environment for your kids to come back to after you’ve completed your plan. But I’m also proud of those of you who have realised that you are never going to be able to take care of your kids the way they need to be taken care of, and have allowed them to be adopted by a family who can. Yes, I know that every story doesn’t, and never will turn out this black and white, and that’s okay. At the moment you are standing in the in-between space of success and failure, I hope you know that we, your kid’s foster family, are rooting for you to do the right thing. We want you to be able to succeed. We want the best thing possible for your kids. I just want to encourage you. We don’t want to be your enemy, we want to help you to do what’s right, and what’s best. We really do love you. We love you with the love of God. The love that he’s given us for those who might seem like our enemies for a while. And I pray that with time you’ll be able to see that clearly even if you can’t see it right now. 

With love, your friendly neighborhood blogger.

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