so… its a collab! (Ravenclaw inspired makeup collab with Christina Chang!!!!)

It’s official. It’s my very FIRST EVER COLLAB!!!!!!!! Can you tell how excited I am for this??? I have been watching Christina Chang’s channel for about a year at this point, and her channel does not disappoint if you are a fellow makeup lover. She’s also a fellow Harry Potter Nerd in Ravenclaw House. She makes a lot of amazing content, and gets me super inspired to do stuff like palette bingos, project panning, and shop my stashes.

I started this blog back in May, and from before I posted my very first blog post I was already thinking about how amazing it would be to be able to collab with her. I put off asking for the longest time even after I got my instagram account because I was nervous that she would say no. Two weeks ago I finally got the courage to DM her on Instagram and ask if she would be willing to do a Ravenclaw makeup collab with me…. And she said yes. I was literally so shocked that she was willing to collab with me. She’s been really sweet throughout the whole post creation process. I’m so excited to have gotten to work with her on this.

      ( If you’re curious about what any of the makeup I’m wearing in any of these looks all the looks should be up on my Instagram today. @not_molly_19)

     My idea for this collab was to do three looks based on the Ravenclaw house from the Harry Potter series. Ravenclaw house is all about creativity, wisdom, and learning, and covers a wide range of artistic personalities, and their house colors are blue and bronze.

              My first idea for a Ravenclaw Makeup look was to do a look based on the average Ravenclaw. For this look I wanted to go with something I would feel comfortable wearing to class, with a little extra spice. I am literally so pleased with how this look turned out! I tried a couple of different looks before settling of this one. I wanted the look to be natural and easy to wear, with a light subtle flair of Ravenclaw spice. I honestly started this look out with absolutely no idea of where I was going. But the subtle blue duo chrome and blue bottom lash mascara bring the Ravenclaw flair to an otherwise normal neutral look. 

             The next look I wanted to go for was a super extra Ravenclaw Pride look. At one point in Harry Potter we see Luna Lovegood, a spacey artistic, not afraid to be herself Ravenclaw go all out on an outfit to support her friends on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and I wanted to capture the way I think that look would transfer into Ravenclaw Spirit. For this look I pulled out all the blue and bronze to create a very in your face Ravenclaw Pride makeup look. 

    The last look I wanted to be inspired by our favorite Ravenclaw Character from Harry Potter. Fortunately for my decision making skills, one of my favorite characters from the entire series is Luna Lovegood. She embodies all of the things I love most about my Hogwarts house, creativity, wisdom, confidence, and even some Gryffindor type loyalty. All in all, I don’t really think there’s another character who provides the same unconditional friendship, and trust in her friends. For this look I wanted to capture the dreaminess of Luna’s personality in more pastel tones with a bronze wing and a light sprinkle of star shaped glitter. And of course we can’t talk about Luna Lovegood without talking about her loyalty to her friends, and that lion hat she had enchanted to roar to cheer for Gryffindor Quidditch.

    If you’ve gotten this far I would love to hear your input! Please leave a comment letting me know what you think. If you want me to know you were here please follow my blog, and if you want to hear when new posts go up, and see more looks from me follow me on Instagram @not_molly_19. Also, go check out Christina’s take on this idea on her YouTube channel Christina Chang. She’s an amazing creator and was really fun to work with. Thanks for reading, so until next time, Bye! 

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