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This is a post about me. I know that all my posts are about me in general, but this one is specifically about me, because I’m going to spend this whole post telling you some random facts about my life. I don’t really like talking about myself to most other people, but I’ve seen a couple people do posts like this recently, and I thought it might be fun to show you guys that my life is not just foster care and makeup. So without further ado, here it goes.

My favorite color is red. I don’t feel like this needs a lot of explaining. My favorite color is a bright vibrant orangey red color that I like to describe as electric red. My second favorite color is dark gray. What can I say? Variety is the spice of life. 

I play Basketball, it started as a mandatory school sport in third grade, and I fell in love. Back in elementary school my teammates called me Wrecker. My record time for fouling out of a game is before the end of the first quarter, my parents have never let me forget about it. 

My favorite drinks are black tea and black coffee. Most people, especially kids in High School don’t like unsweetened black coffee, or tea, but in my opinion black coffee and tea is just really good. I actually don’t really care when it comes to details like ‘type of roast’ or ‘where its grown’ I might be weird, but I’m not a coffee snob.

I’ve always loved art, and doing crafty things.  When I was little adults would come to me all the time and ask me to do crafty things for them, usually it wasn’t the kind of crafts that I liked to do, but most of the time I did it anyway. I love to paint and draw, even though I’m not that good at it. I feel like being an artistic kid transitions into being pretty good at doing makeup, which I think is pretty cool. I guess my love of makeup does make sense after all.

I’m not into fashion. At all. I don’t really spend a lot of time on clothes and accessories, I hardly ever wear jewelry that doesn’t serve a purpose, and I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to what I wear. It’s not a way I like to express myself like it is for some people. I’m not really sure why. 

I think that if a book gets made into a movie, the book is almost always better. I feel like this applies to almost every movie that has been made from a book. Yes I’m strange, no, I don’t really care. Unless you make a movie that follows every scene from the book exactly, and doesn’t leave out any characters, or lines, it’s probably not as good as the book. Unless it was just an awful book to begin with.

My favorite books are the Lord of the Rings, the RL series by Nancy Rue, Beyond the After by CM Healy, and Harry Potter of course. I love the mystery genre the most, and when I was little most of what I read was Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, though Nancy Drew was always more my jam. I still own almost all the original Nancy Drew books.

I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I love shows like Matlock, Murder she Wrote, and Sherlock. Going back to the fact that I love mysteries, its probably no surprise that I really love murder mystery shows, and true crime podcasts. Like I said, watching tv makes up a small part of my life, and beside the three shows I already mentioned the only other things I really watch are old Looney Tunes, and The Food Network. 

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me, if you did, please follow my blog, and if you want to see more from me you can follow me on instagram @not_molly_19.  Definitely come back on Friday to see the very exciting post I have planned. Until next time, Bye!

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