20 things I’ve realized during high school (mainly about making friends and influencing people.)

(1) Sometimes people just don’t want to be friends, and that doesn’t always have anything to do with you. (aka, it’s a them problem, not a you problem)

(2) Just because people claim they care, doesn’t mean they do. But that doesn’t mean that no one ever cares. It’s better to live life and get hurt then to hurt others because you never trust people.

(3) Real friends won’t ridicule you for doing things that you aren’t good at. Say it with me: My friends will not make fun of me for trying new things, if people are making fun of me for trying to step outside of my comfort zone, those people are not my friends.

(4) Your best friends are the people who will go up to bat for you no matter what, but that means that you would go up to bat for them too. (it’s not a one way street my dudes.)

(5) Yeah, adults really have no idea what they’re talking about most of the time. (especially when it comes to teenaged behavior. )

(6) It’s fun to be random, but there’s nothing wrong with being a bit predictable sometimes. People might make fun of me for it occasionally, but hey, I know what I like.

(7) Being yourself might not always win you a lot of friends, but it will win you the friends that really matter. (at least, sometimes it will)

(8) Procrastination is bad, and every assignment matters.

(9) Sometimes the best place for you in life isn’t the place you currently are.

(10) Most people are at least a little bit two faced, and sometimes even the people you really care about will betray you. (just because you care doesn’t mean they do too.)

(11) There are certain things that I will in fact spend the big bucks on, and apparently novelty purses is one of them, lol (let’s be honest, spiderman was worth it.)

(12) Hiding your feelings is a mistake that will hurt your relationships, and it’s not worth it to hide your grievances until you hate someone.

(13) Apologize. When you mess up, take responsibility and deal with it.

(14) It’s important to remember to tell your friends and family how much you love and appreciate them.

(15) There’s no reason to apologize for being weird. I like the way I am, for the most part, and if other people don’t like me then that’s their personal issue.

(16) Getting a job is frightening, but having a job is a good thing.

(17) Shakespeare was way weirder than anyone warned me.

(18) Be nice. People will have more respect for you if you show basic human decency to everyone.

(19) Literally no drama is worth it, and I really do hate it as much as I thought I did.

(20) Don’t be judgmental, and always be there for your friends. If your friends can’t even trust you, then who do you have?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I hope to see you back sometime!

Signed, your friendly neighborhood blogger

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