reviewing every eyeshadow in my collection- intro

This… Is a big topic.

While the average makeup consumer may have a couple of eyeshadows, neutral, tame shades they wear everyday, I have a much different preference, and collection. My makeup collection is quite large, (Thanks YouTube), but I use and enjoy everything, especially my eyeshadows. I also don’t wear makeup in my everyday life outside of my house. For one thing, I’m not really allowed to, and for another thing I feel really self conscience when I wear makeup around groups of people who aren’t my immediate family or my best friends. While in my room I might feel all-powerful rocking some lavender lipstick, and a winged eyeliner, in the great outdoors I feel judged and uncomfortable in the lightest coverage foundation with some lip balm and mascara. Is it a bit weird? Yes, it’s definitely very odd. But that’s how I like to operate. My face is an easily washable canvas, and makeup gives me a low stress artistic outlet where I can express myself without fear of messing up beyond repair. All that being said, I was inspired to do this because sometimes I just want to see a review of a certain palette specifically before I decide whether to spend my money on it or not, and I don’t always decide I want to buy a palette right when it comes out, and I’m curious to see specific thoughts on that palette, and don’t want to sit through a whole ‘full face of first impressions’ or ‘speed reviews’ just for one eyeshadow palette. On the flip side sometimes I’ve had a palette for a while and I just want to see what other people think about it. Either way I think it will be a fun way to incorporate more makeup content onto my blog, which I’m excited about.

Thanks for reading! Signed, your friendly neighborhood blogger

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