when kids have people within the system who show that they care about them

In my year of being a foster sister I have seen both good and bad social workers. I’ve gotten the weird looks when people find out what my family does, and the excited expressions of people who have been impacted by foster care. I’ve heard and seen the stories of parents who’ve gotten their wake up call and turned their lives around for their kids, and the ones who’ve tried to play the system, and hurt their kids even more in the process. 

We’ve been open for a month to take new placements, since my little bonus brother went to a kinship placement.  He was excited to go back to “his beautiful city”. We got a call from his social worker, after five weeks of him being in kinship that it wasn’t working out, and he asked if we were interested in taking him again. We definitely were. 

So he’s started his first week of homeschool, and has been enjoying being back in church, seeing his friends, and getting to be with my family again. He was shy when he first came back, we hadn’t gotten to talk to him at all while he was in kinship, but his first night back he exclaimed how happy he was to be here with us. It was a sweet moment for my family.

I have to say, it’s nice to see how things work out when Social Workers are invested in the well being of the kids, and do their best to make sure the kids are with a happy family being taken care of in the best way possible. It’s been a beautiful thing to see the reactions of the people in our lives seeing my bonus brother back with us, they’ve been amazingly sweet and supportive. 

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3 thoughts on “when kids have people within the system who show that they care about them

  1. Haven’t witnessed any weirdness lol! However I think your blog is pretty awesome!

    The lives of the “regular person” is more intriguing than celebrities. At least in my open.

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    1. The weirdness is 100% there (or so some people tell me, lol) Thanks for the compliment!

      I do agree about the lives of the “average Joe” being more interesting than that of the “average Joe’s” celebrity counterparts

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