Rachhloves Pixi Layers palette review

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         Today I’m going to be doing a buy or bye inspired by Rachhloves in honor of her highlight collab. When Rachh (Rachhloves on YouTube) made her palette announcement video I was soooooo excited. She was the first beauty channel I ever started watching, and if it wasn’t for her I would probably have no interest in makeup now. And if there’s anything that Rachh is obsessive about, it would be that strong glow. When I first started watching Rachh she made a lot of her Buy or Bye videos, where she rated different aspects of a product on an emoji scale from one to five, then rated the overall product. They are honestly some of my favorite videos that she’s done, so I thought it would be fitting to review her palette using Buy or Bye.

           The emoji I want to use is the shooting star emoji, because I feel like stars, glow, highlight, glowiness… You get the point.


            So first I’m going to start with my favorite parts of the palette, the five star glow, like wearing an all white and neon outfit to go black light roller skating. The glow that instantly makes you that much cooler. For this I definitely have to start with the packaging. The packaging is the first thing you see, your first impression, and on this palette it’s a sturdy pink and green cardboard that it cute, summery, and fun.

I also really love the whole layers theme that she put onto this palette with the idea that you should be able to change and adjust your glow for however you’re feeling.

Another five star element in my opinion is the mirror. It’s a nice size, and good quality. I also really enjoy the selection of layering shades, they represent a nice gradient of shades, and the purple shade adds something interesting to what could otherwise be just another boring highlight palette. And to wrap up the five star category, is the formula. The formula of these highlights is buttery smooth, the shades aren’t glittery, and are easy to wear sheered out, or built up.


             This next category is going to be the more three or four star elements of this palette. These would be more like a glow in the dark t-shirt. It’s fun, but not quite as exciting as black light and neon. As far as I can tell I only have one submission for this category, and that would be the base shades. While I love the champagne and orange gold hues, the truth is that even clutch is too dark for my whiter than white I-don’t-tan tragic paleness, and leaves a bit of a grey cast if I try to layer it up. It’s not too bad, or really a problem for anyone else, which is why I’m putting it here, but it’s a slight issue for me, so I added it regardless.

               In this section I’m going to add swatches of all of the shades so you can see what the shades look like before I give you my final verdict.


             My conclusion about this palette? I love it. I think it performs well, it has an interesting variety of colors, it’s smooth and pigmented. I’ve been using this palette almost every time I do my makeup since I bought it. So my final ranking would be have to be 5/5, would recommend to a friend. 

              If you’ve enjoyed this post, or have tried this palette, please leave your thought in the comments. And, if you enjoy content from me please consider following my blog to see more content from me. 

So until next time, Bye! 

(Waves from behind screen!) 

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