why I love makeup

Hey Guys!!!

Whats new with you?

Life has been slowing down for me recently, and I’m really glad. In this post I want to talk about my thoughts on makeup and beauty, and also give an explanation of why I’m so into it. So here it goes…

    I don’t look at makeup as a way to improve myself. I see my face as a blank canvas, and makeup as the way to express myself on that canvas. I don’t want to cover myself up, I do makeup for the self expression it allows me. The freedom to do what I want with my face. To then be able to take it off when I’m done, not having to store the finished look. There’s a lot about makeup that appeals to me. I don’t do it for the stereotypical reasons of being insecure in my own skin, or wanting to look perfect. I like art. Makeup is an art. For me it’s fun, a way to express myself, and a huge stress reliever. For me I feel more confident in no makeup with a messy bun than I do in full makeup with my hair down. It’s just who I am. But I love it anyway. Some people don’t understand or accept that, putting pressure on me to fit in, to do makeup the “right way”, or not do makeup at all. I want to be able to share my love of makeup with other people. I don’t think that makeup improves your beauty. I think that beauty isn’t about how others perceive you, but about how God sees you. God sees us as beautiful, when we believe that I think it shows. That’s my opinion, it’s okay if we don’t agree, but before I got too far into my blog I wanted to tell you my opinions and feelings, so we can be on the same page.

     I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did feel free to comment, and follow this blog if you like what you see.

 Until next time, Bye!!!

(Waves from behind screen.)

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